Pelican over Gulf of Mexico

Pelican over Gulf of Mexico
In flight

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday night and its cold

Went out with some friends and had a nice night planning our spring, Its just so cold out that its hard to think that it might actually be nice out some day. Its below zero like -20 without windchill add windchill and it comes out to -40 too cold. why do we stay in this state of frozen tundra. Only reason I can think of its so beautiful with the season changes from Spring to Fall. If we can endure the cold harsh climate of January then we got the rest down.

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Como Park

This is the perfect weekend to visit Como Park in St. Paul I can smell the dirt, feel warmth, and take some photos.

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Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes

Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes
One of my favorite pictures of him ever


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