Pelican over Gulf of Mexico

Pelican over Gulf of Mexico
In flight

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still cold out!

feeling the need to be inspired to create. Spring junk market at Otten brothers March 3-6th.
Check it out!
yesterday met a couple that had just 'come out' as artist as the husband says. Why is it we recognize each other when we see what they are buying. They make garden art from old glass ware: check them out
GW $1.49 days, what a lot of good deals they were getting. When it gets this time of year I feel the need to plant something or make some hypertufa. Guess I just can dream for now1

Como Park

This is the perfect weekend to visit Como Park in St. Paul I can smell the dirt, feel warmth, and take some photos.

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Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes

Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes
One of my favorite pictures of him ever


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