Pelican over Gulf of Mexico

Pelican over Gulf of Mexico
In flight

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My gardens

 What a mess this garden is most of the summer overgrown and weedy Creek bed
 Veggie and herb garden With path Jeff and I laid one year
 Deck planting with garden art planter was a salvaged curb find
 love lies bleeding this is towads end of season so its pretty ratty
 Shed with lace windows ok i had to add something girly
 After heavy snow 2010 fall lost most of the branches in our sitting garden Almost made me cry
 This old chair sits in the middle of the garden along the driveway Sunflower at the end of the day mid August

This is love lies bleeding early in season

 Cosmos get so tall and lanky Not going to let them grow here anymore too much work !
 But they are beautiful
Sunflower early in season

Garden and birdbath I made at Cabin

Bleeding heart in driveway garden

front of house tulips always wish that I plant more of them each year, They are such a wonderful surprise in spring

Still some of my favorite flowers Cosmos

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Como Park

This is the perfect weekend to visit Como Park in St. Paul I can smell the dirt, feel warmth, and take some photos.

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Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes

Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes
One of my favorite pictures of him ever


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