Pelican over Gulf of Mexico

Pelican over Gulf of Mexico
In flight

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter 2012 frosty day

No thats not ice
Winter day trip Wisconsin Winter

Frosty tree tips

Corn field

tree break

frosty Oak

Along the road was so beautiful

Ice fishing Wisconsin style

feeder at cabin

Frost on the pine at cabin

another shot along the roads

thats water right in front of this house

reflection in water of ice house

amazed at the reflection of the ice house

Frankie was growling at this cow

Snowy barn

Border of Mn and Wisc

Another shot of barn

Corner where I would like to live

Is this cute or what?


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  1. Beautiful pictures. Frankie is so cute looking out the window.


Como Park

This is the perfect weekend to visit Como Park in St. Paul I can smell the dirt, feel warmth, and take some photos.

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Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes

Greg my youngest son with beautiful blue eyes
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